Exchange photos

Our rewarding policy for photo providers

  1. the customers who provide product photos will receive cash rewards
  2. the amount of cash to be rewarded is calculated based on the item shown on photo total transaction amount, the cash rewards do not include delivery fee.
  1. the customers who provide one main product photo and three auxiliary photos(must be original photos) will be rewarded with cash equaling to 25% of transaction amount. It is very important to us that the photo providers could provide three auxiliary photos, which will be used as evidence when we lodge a claim against anyone who steals our photos for commercial uses.
  2. the customers who only provide us one main product photo will be rewarded with cash equaling to 20% of transaction amount. For those customers who only provide one main photo, please provide three auxiliary photos when we need to lodge claims against photo stealers.
  3. Original product photos with your logo and websites are welcomed. We will put remarks acknowledging the photo owners/photographers and “no photo stealing” warnings alongside the photos when they are used in our shop.



          Judy Lee